World War II
Pharmacist's Mate Third Class

Jack M. Hoyle

US Naval Hospital at Canacao, Philippines

PhM3c Jack M. Hoyle was confined as a POW at Bilibid Prison Camp, Manila Philippines, from May 30, 1942, to October 1, 1943. He died aboard the Japanese Hell Ship, Arisan Maru, which was en route from the Philippines to either Japan, Manchuria, or China on October 24, 1944. Arisan Maru was transporting 1,781 U.S. and Allied military and civilian POWs when it was struck by a torpedo from an American submarine (either USS Shark or USS Snook), at about 5 PM. The ship ultimately sank at about 7 PM. No POWs were killed by the torpedo strikes and nearly all were able to leave the ship’s holds but the Japanese did not rescue any of the POWs that day. Only nine of the prisoners aboard survived the event.

Date of Incident
October 24, 1944
South China Sea
Missing in Action
Portland, Oregon