Korean War
Major General

Kim Chum Kon

Republic of Korea Army

Bio from “The Korean War” written in 1973 by Kim Chum-kon:
Dr. Kim Chum-kon is one of the most renowned of Korean scholars in the field of international relations and military science. Born in 1923 at Kwanju, he studied history at Seoul National University until he joined the army. He graduated from the Korean Military Academy in 1946, and during the Korean War was a division commander, retiring at the rank of a major general.

He continued his studies at Seoul National and Dongguk Universities and is now a professor at Kyunghee University in Seoul. He is also director of a private research institute on international relations.

His previous books in Korean include “A Study of Arab Nationalism” (1959), “A Study on Defense Organization” (1962), and “The Strategy of the Korean Workers’ Party and the Korean War” (1973).